Papillion Institute of Art

Papillion Institute of Art which is often referred to as P.I.A. was established the spring of 2010 opening its doors to the public April 15.  The 1200 sq ft art space is a home for contemporary, performance and digital media art.

As a gallery space P.I.A. is a launch pad for emerging artists and a space for established artists to present new works.  An artist in residence program is also hosted under the gallery umbrella where studio space, art materials and other resources are provided to the artists with the intent to create and exhibit new work.

As an institute P.I.A. is committed to education through the arts.  It is the sole intent to provide a necessary learning experience to those not traditionally exposed to fine art in a way that is easily and comfortably accessible. In 2011 the institute launched its new schedule of programming consisting of interactive and "social media smart" projects like live streaming art openings, live streamed artist talks with questions being accepted from the in house audience and virtual audience from all over the globe, a new quarterly series SF'SS short film screening series and P.I.A. TV which is the online art network dedicated to creating and producing original web content based on art and the culture around it.

If you are interested in volunteering/donating please see the email under the contact us section or donate under our Donate tab. 


  • Fine Art Acquisition and Secondary Art Market, Corporate Art Collecting, Curatorial Services, Art Direction/Consulting for Brands, Musical Artists and TV & Film, Art Consultation 
  • We ship anywhere in the world & accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express & wire transfers for international collectors.
  • We offer reasonable payment plan accommodations for beginning collectors and first time art buyers


Michelle Joan Papillion

 "to have someone appreciate what you appreciate is the greatest reward"

Michelle Joan Papillion is the founder of the Papillion Institute of Art.  She grew up in the arts, trained in the disciplines of music both vocally and instrumentally, dance, drama, fine art and art history.  Michelle has always been fascinated with answering questions and then coming up with new ones.  In college she studied archeology, classics and art history.  In New York she worked in the art world for 7 years before relocating to Los Angeles and eventually starting P.I.A.

Michelle has curated art shows across three continents (North America, Europe, Africa) and has worked in every possible field in the art world from writing, art dealing, art directing, docent, buyer, curator, lecturer, intern and now gallerist.