March 17, 2012 - April 15, 2012

A collaborative project between Papillion Institute of Art and Shawanna Davis of Be Beautiful LA with a group exhibition featuring 10 contemporary women artists in Los Angeles.

When Shawanna and I had the first meeting about doing a project that celebrated the diversities of beauty amongst women and society, we began to come up with new descriptions for our ideas of what modern beauty is.  Shawanna had great references of beauty ads from the 1940's - 80's. The research she gathered showed colorful, vibrant, unique, well thought out, planned and executed ads.  The string that connected most of them together was not merely that they were all beauty ads but they were also intelligent. Suggesting that there consumer was not only beautiful because of how she looked but that she was beautiful because she was dynamic, because she chose to be original, to be her self, not allowing her beauty have to limits or be boxed in.  These ads were aware that beauty goes far beyond the notion of being just "skin deep"

Those ads were the building blocks of what we wanted to do with the Be Beautiful Project.  Shawanna said during another meeting that she tells her clients to "stand in your beauty, not Beyonce's not J Lo's but YOURS! because if Beyonce saw you being a beautiful version of yourself she would want to be you too."

This group exhibition of contemporary women artists celebrates the great multitude of what Los Angeles offers. These women are living, creating and being inspired by the beauty of LA and the life they live here.  None of the artists in the show are similar to each other, we wanted them to represent their perception beauty and we wanted these perceptions to be diverse.

Lastly we wanted the viewer to experiece the "reflective aspect."  The innate ideas of how we judge our beauty against the things we see just won't do, experience and self observation are the tools we hope we provided in presenting this project.

Here's to keeping LA and helping the people in it Be Beautiful! - Curator - Michelle Joan Papillion

Photos from opening night are HERE it was sponsored by Miliani Cosmetics, Kinky Curly Hair Products and Wellness Tonics.  Special thank you to them for making the night wonderful!

The Artists: *Note that all artwork listed is for sale, please contact gallery if interested.

Chenoa Maxwell - Photographer

Untitiled #1, 8 x 10

Untitled #2, 8 x 10


Adele Supreme - Painter

"My Girl" acrylic on canvas with sunflower

close up of sunflower 















Kenturah Davis - Drawer/Designer

"mother mother" stamped drawing on paper 2008 SOLD"Self Portrait" stamped drawing on paper, 2010


Michelle Robinson - Painter

"Reject/Embrace" acrylic on paper"The Sun in Her Heart" acrylic on canvas 36 x 36


Taye Hansberry - Photographer

"Self Perception Series" 























Lana Futura - Drawer/Illustrator/Designer

All but one of these drawings are pencil, watercolor and 18k gold leaf foiling on paper


Marjam Oskoui - Painter

mother of pearl and acrylic on canvasMarjam Oskoui next to Kenturah Davis "Self Portrait" stamped drawing








Kawai Matthews - Photographer

Left to right - She is Fire, She is Earth, She is Water, She is Air all 20 x 30