Cassi Amanda Gibson - Photographer

Zambezia Province, Mozambique


"Will your ancestors recognize you?" a Mozambican proverb- that has become quite relevant in my life and my work. I come from Zambezia province of Mozambique, and currently as an artist never has it been more clear to me then to tell the story of my people and the African experience.

I am currently based between Kampala, Uganda and Brooklyn New York. For many years now my most permanent home base has been between East Africa and New York, I have not settled as of yet; I do not think I can decide which city I favour to live in. I am age 22 now, with a constant desire to remain curious. My motivation and inspiration for my art work has been this longing that remains present in my life and my art. In my culture the word is Saudades which is something like a yearning desire to regain something or someone that has been lost which is a present theme in all my works.

Artist Statement

Since I can remember growing up in East Africa there has always been a football in my backyard; I never thought about the profundity football carried in African culture, until, I went to my first African Football game. It was Uganda VS. Nigeria, and it was a really big deal not for just me but for Uganda as a people and a country. African footballers carries more weight then their Presidents running for a new presidential term. That game changed my life; not just because Uganda won the game- it was more then that, it was symbolic and moved people in prolific ways. The Uganda people were embracing their culture, their pride and exuding confidence in the republic that is Uganda. I was a witness. It's now 2010 and world football is coming home to mother Africa- upon reflecting and researching. My testimony is as follows Football is Africas game. We live, breathe and swear by it. My photos presents the truth of the matter is African football is a layer of what makes Africa as a continent intrinsically beautiful, it is the essential nature of the African people. Be my guest and take a trip to the backwoods of any African country you will find a football in someones backyard.

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