Chenoa Maxwell - Photographer

New York, NY

Introspection: India the photography of Chenoa Maxwell - March 10 2011 - April 7 2011

Artist Statement

I’m a voyeur.  I like to watch. Or rather, I love to observe. Take in and capture the human experience- moments. Beauty, pain, their complex nature, evokes in me a desire to capture life~ 

Making my subjects their own icon. Life fascinates me. Humans inspire. Seeing is my meditation


Photography is my way of life. I travel the world and am drawn to recording life stories in natural light. Light is the essence of everything. Without it you cannot see. Light is energy. Light reveals. Light reflects. Light shines. And Light is power. The beauty of creating a composition and telling a story absorbs me. Its unpredictable nature is the unfolding of truth, capturing pure moment in time, now, that is the Allure.




The Shepard

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Opening night of Introspection: India


For more photos from the opening reception click HERE

Chenoa's artist talk with Gallery Director Michelle Joan Papillion