ARTE: Theaster Gates
Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 5:00AM
PAPILLION ART in Installation, Performance Art, Sculpture, Theaster Gates

Of all the amazing and interesting people I met this week none were more exciting than Chicago based artist Theaster Gates! I met Theaster at MOCA LA, he was there to check Glenn Ligon's artist talk. We discussed a number of things about his art, the Bank project in Chicago, my gallery and programming and this wonderful new exhibition that just opened in Miami at Locust Projects.

The most intriguing component to this exhibit are all the other things planned around it. The Soul Manufacturing Corporation creates relationships between the aesthitics of art, labor and race. He creates a factory like installation where skilled makers come in and produce things that are being made for commerce.  They have weekly programming where a DJ, a Yoga instructor and a Reader come in to provide relief and care for the makers and the audience.

Click the link below for a schedule of the programs and go be apart of this project!



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