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You may have noticed the giant hashtag we have on our front page, in 2016 we started doing this. Our first hashtag was #NODAPL and was meant to stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and the protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline.  The next hashtag we put up was #WEAREALLDREAMERS standing in solidarity with all of the people, immigrants and families that would be affected by the ending of the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals.  Today we have posted #MUTERKELLY many of you are aware of the singer and his sexually predatory and pedophile behavior.  If you are not a simple google search can bring you up to date.  dream hampton executive produced a docu-series for Lifetime titled Surviving R. Kelly and it details in chronological order the three plus decades of abuse to little Black girls and women.  With our latest hashtag we stand in solidarity with the survivors.  We hope that legal action be taken against this predator and we hope that the complicit nature that allows for rapist, predators and pedophiles to thrive be challenged and dealt with in national and international conversation.