March 2011 - FOREVER YOUNG

Artist J Taylor did an LA preview of new series Forever Young.  The new contemporary art works are portraits of iconic music figures coupled with abstract paintings the artist created depicting the soul of the icons.  The art was well received and our resident DJ Nattu kept the vibe right all night!

Brief Artist Bio:

This Dallas based, Los Angeles bred visual artist has contributed a unique collection of work that is cutting edge and versatile.  His goal is to capture the individual essence of ones spirit as would a memoir.  Through the use of mixed media, he combines rich colors, deep shadows, and dynamic compositions that make each painting unique. The intense colors reflect his personal connection and emotion to each subject. As an emerging artist with a creative vision, he has a unique way of turning concepts into reality.  He has been painting and drawing what he sees, hears and experiences for many years.  His creative influences are derived from the Urban Lifestyle; the sound, smell, diverse culture and music of urban life provide the passion to express his everyday experiences through art.

More images from Forever Young HERE