Thurzday, Tomas Whitmore and the #92CREW came by to present there trailer for T R S H (The Riot Starts Here) along with the score which is Thurzday's first solo record titled LA RIOT.  The music and documentary chronicle the events leading up to the 1992 LA RIOTS including the Rodney King beating.  We first spoke about collaborating when Tomas and Thurz came to our 1 year anniversary group exhibit "Do You Hear Us" That exhibition was initially inspired by Oscar Grant and explored police brutality and other social injustices in the digital age.  After a few additional meetings over the last four months it seemed to be perfect to present the music and the film in the space in a physical interactive way.  The #92CREW has been very good at getting there audience to participate in there ongoing projects.  The aspect that most intrigued me was the L.A.M.B. project, the Los Angeles Memory Bank where people can call a toll free number (855.429.1992) and share there memories of the LA RIOTS or any other moments about LA history in general.  You can hear some of these calls on Thurzday's new record.  The LA Times stopped by the gallery while we were setting up for the event and had a chat with Thurz, great perspective on the album and documentary we previewed/screened.

TRSH is an ongoing film, poetically documenting the Los Angeles state of mind through it's darkest days, the 1992 Riots.

The LA Times stopped by while we were prepping for the opening, read the interview with Thurz HERE