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Thank you Women's Wear Daily for profiling us! And for writing about the arts revolution we are hoping to spark in Leimert Park.  It has been an incredible 6 months being open in our new neighborhood and we couldn't be more happy to be adding to Leimert's rich legacy and creating new history.

Read the article online here


ARTE: Narratives and Meditations

Kenturah's next solo exhibit opens this upcoming Saturday August 30th at 6pm...looking forward to seeing you all there!



ARTE: Town & Country

Happy to be included in the LA issue of Town & Country Magazine. We're in great company as one of the "34 genuises turning it into America's capital of cool!" Its on newsstands now but you can read the online interview HERE



ARTE: No)one. Art House

No)one. Art House, the artist collective featured during Week 4 of our Video Art Residency, is offering Summer Dance Workshops next week! Wanna know more about No)one. Art House? Check out their website here


ARTE: LA Times Datebook!!

You read it! The LA Times has put us on their we should be seeing you this week! Numa's Florida Water is playing now!



Our new art world boo is Casey Jane Ellison!  We are happy to be a part of Touching the Art - Episode 2 - Postmodernism, post-Net & The Art Market on Ovation!



ARTE: Salon Magazine

We're happy to be in the fall ART issue of Salon Magazine and included in their Art Radar 2014.  If you're in Europe pick up a copy!!

"Papillion, located in the up and coming area of Leimert Park, has a strong programme for emerging artists and a stylish woman at its helm."


ARTE: Fabrik Mag

Kenturah is featured in the latest issue of art magazine FABRIK as one of eight emerging artist in LA to watch!


ARTE: Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow has a kickstarter that began a month ago and I was one of the early contributors that pledged with in the first 24 hours.  When the campaign launched the goal to reach was 1 million.  After the campaign went live they surpassed the million dollar mark in just a few hours. By day 2 they had surpassed the 2 mill mark and by day 3 they surpassed the 3 mill mark.  The raised their goal to 5 million and are just half a million shy. At just over 91,000 backers it is the largest crowd sourced campaign in history.  I gave because Reading Rainbow was one of the television shows that I was most excited by when I was a child.  The way they used art, music, dance and theater to make reading seem cool are one of the main reasons why I love reading and the arts!

They have a little under 47 hours left so get to it!




World Cup has come around again and we've been caught up in Futbol far were rooting for USA and Nigeria...

LACMA's FUTBOL the Beautiful Game exhibition is on point with its look at the world's biggest sport.

"Pele" by Andy Warhol, 1978 silk screen, 40in x 40in



Thrilled, excited and surprised to be in such great company in the July issue of Vogue Magazine, with Lupita Nyong'o on the cover.  Click the thumbnail to read it!


ARTE: SOCAL Connected

This originally aired last night.  But you can watch it again on channel 28 KCET tomorrow night at 8pm and again over the weekend.  Check us out in the segment about the future of Leimert Park.


LA's Biennial is coming! I see you Danielle Dean...

Danielle was one of the artists in our inagural group exhibition O P E N, we had "Baby Girl" featured in our Video Room.



Hugo McCloud is having the best 2014 ever! With successful showings in Italy, NY and our gallery here in LA its understandable that he get recoginized for his great works and work ethic.

We'll be showing new works by Hugo in a solo show at the top of 2015...stay tuned


ARTE: Kentrifican Museum of Culture

Inter-disciplinary artist Kenyatta AC Hinkle has something special going on with the Kentrifican project.  Watch the video and click the link!


ARTE: LACE - The Happening

I was asked to be a guest curator at this year's THE HAPPENING, LACE's annual benefit gala. Bid on the works now!  And visit to purchase tickets to the live auction!

Andy Robert, 2014 drawing on canvas, Som'em Special

Henry Taylor, oil on canvas, 2012, Dania Sofia is this you: Feeling brown is not blue

Kenturah Davis, ink on paper, 2011, DIFFERENT




Kenturah Davis was commissioned to do her first public art project. Watch her awesome time lapse of making the hand written mural drawings.

Commissioned by Alliance Francaise d'Accra, 2014.
Drawn by writing this Audre Lorde quote in repetition:

I arrived in Ghana November, 2013. I found myself listening to a lot of Nina Simone, so when the opportunity came to propose a mural for International Women's Day, I immediately thought of Simone's "Four Women." The emotion of this song intensified my experiences as I traveled throughout the country, visiting the slave castles in and grappling with the history of the African diaspora. The theme Alliance Francaise selected for the mural, "Women of the World", encouraged me to consider subjects of today. Using Simone's song as a point of departure, I identified four African women who live in Accra and were doing interesting work that contributes to the community. It was important that they not be "famous"; rather, i tried to find a balance between anonymity and admirability.Ultimately, I wanted to create a work of art that portrayed accomplished women with very different personal stories and are tied to the strength and resiliency that Nina Simone conveys in her lyrical narratives. They are symbols of the many more amazing women I've encountered in Ghana.

Integral to the process of making the drawing, I had to also identify a text that I would use to render the four women. I finally selected one suggested by a friend; a quote by feminist, Audre Lorde: "I AM DELIBERATE AND AFRAID OF NOTHING." This simple, yet potent phrase served the dual purpose of declaring their sense of purpose and functioning as a meditation by which i could absorb its meaning for my own benefit. The process of writing a text in repetition to compose the portrait was a metaphor for the way that we acquire and inhabit language. It extended the work into the realm of a performative act, in which the process of making it is as important as the finished piece.Understanding that the advent of the written word arrived as the capacity of human memory deteriorated situates the portraits as a kind of documentation that might extend the reach of collective memory and historical consciousness.


Alliance Francaise d'Accra
Shawanna Davis
Bright Kpoha
Keni and Mildred Davis
Papillion Art

Four Women:
Lila Macqueen Djaba
Akosua Adoma Owusu
Nana Oforiatta Ayim
Martina Odonkor


ARTE: LA Times Feature!!!

Thank you Los Angeles Times for the prominent feature in today's Business section!  The story speaks about our perspective and vision on Leimert Park and how we think art can transform the community. Peep the Noah Davis "Temptations" painting and the Lisa C Soto sculpture, the photo was taken in our private upstairs gallery :-) Click the CONTACT tab to inquire about these available works.


ARTE: Creating A Scene


Pick up a copy of this week's LA Weekly.  Its a wonderful, informed article about us and our position in the LA Artworld.  It also goes into the history of the neighborhood and our vision for what we'd like to contribute to it.



We had a crazy successful opening last month when we finally debuted in Leimert Park!!!  And word has gotten around town, check out our re-cap and press from a recent newsletter:

"We opened our doors February 15th in Leimert Park and nearly 500 people showed up to make it a complete success!  The group exhibition titled OPEN features work by 8 emerging artist who should be taken note of: Painter, Hugo McCloud; Designer/Drawer, Kenturah Davis; Sculptor, Raksha Parkeh; Video & Installation artist, Danielle Dean; Painter & Sculptor, Nzuji de Magalhaes; Sculptor/Drawer, David Sigmund; Painter, Derek Fordjour and Abstract artist Samuel Levi Jones represent the burst of great talent the emerging art scene has to offer.  Its an exciting time for Los Angeles and the artist community and I feel OPEN represents a little of this excitement.

There were some great write ups about the show.  KCET ArtboundIntersections South LA and Morningside Park Chronicle all covered our opening while LA WEEKLY just named us as one of the "5 Artsy Things to do in LA".  There are some great quotes from Mark Bradford, Eileen Harris Norton and Jeffrey Deitch who attended the opening and had beautiful things to share.

OPEN will run until April 13, 2014.  Hours of operation are Wednesday - Sunday 12 - 6pm and by appointment. Closed Monday & Tuesday."