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ARTE: Creating A Scene


Pick up a copy of this week's LA Weekly.  Its a wonderful, informed article about us and our position in the LA Artworld.  It also goes into the history of the neighborhood and our vision for what we'd like to contribute to it.



We had a crazy successful opening last month when we finally debuted in Leimert Park!!!  And word has gotten around town, check out our re-cap and press from a recent newsletter:

"We opened our doors February 15th in Leimert Park and nearly 500 people showed up to make it a complete success!  The group exhibition titled OPEN features work by 8 emerging artist who should be taken note of: Painter, Hugo McCloud; Designer/Drawer, Kenturah Davis; Sculptor, Raksha Parkeh; Video & Installation artist, Danielle Dean; Painter & Sculptor, Nzuji de Magalhaes; Sculptor/Drawer, David Sigmund; Painter, Derek Fordjour and Abstract artist Samuel Levi Jones represent the burst of great talent the emerging art scene has to offer.  Its an exciting time for Los Angeles and the artist community and I feel OPEN represents a little of this excitement.

There were some great write ups about the show.  KCET ArtboundIntersections South LA and Morningside Park Chronicle all covered our opening while LA WEEKLY just named us as one of the "5 Artsy Things to do in LA".  There are some great quotes from Mark Bradford, Eileen Harris Norton and Jeffrey Deitch who attended the opening and had beautiful things to share.

OPEN will run until April 13, 2014.  Hours of operation are Wednesday - Sunday 12 - 6pm and by appointment. Closed Monday & Tuesday."


ARTE: Ifeanyi Oganwu

We are still recovering from Art Basel Miami Beach was an amazing time at the fairs and the parties were never ending.  There will be a full follow up post coming but for now here is a bit about designer/architect Ifeanyi Ogunwa from London is the creator of Expand Design and showed at Miami Design.

From his website:

Founded by Ifeanyi Oganwu in 2008 and incorporated in 2009, Expand Design Ltd is a London-based studio engaging in architecture and furniture design by investigating the correlation between history, base materials and opportunities presented by state-of-the-art fabrication techniques. Through our projects, we unearth unidentified typologies that are inspired by the past, grounded in the present, and on a journey to a new aesthetic domain.


ARTE: I Remember Paradise

Lakwena's wall in Wynwood Arts District...and the pop up gallery Women on the Walls is up at Wynwood Walls for another month.


ARTE: Danielle Dean

Danielle Dean was one of my favorite studio visits this year.  She makes drawings and performance/video art.

Video still from "Are you working?" HD video, 30 min. 2010

Excerpt from Are you working? Various colored forms are caressed, rubbed and pushed together by hands with red nail polish.


ARTE: Sean Shim-Boyle

Love this site specific installation by LA based artist Sean Shim-Boyle..if in town its a must see!

From the press release:

"Installing 100 beams to the existing architecture alludes, in part, to the forests of his childhood home in British Columbia. By lowering the existing rafters, this transformation compresses the space. The intervention alters the sensory relationship the viewer may have to the building. Towards the rear of the space is a set of automatic sliding glass doors, a variety commonly used in commercial premises. Placed in too-close proximity to one another, the sensors designed to open and close the doors are compromised, leaving the doors locked in endless standoff. The arrested movement of the doors creates an apparent passageway that is neither accessible nor secure."

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats: Nov 2 - Dec 21, 2013 at LA><ART







My latest obsession is with Brooklyn based shooter Andre Wagner.

"Brooklyn based, originally from Omaha, Nebraska. I received my BFA in Social Work and Digital Media in 2010 and now focus my passion on portrait and street documentary photography. My work is a juxtaposition of finding ways to preserve the sensitive moments of life that take me back to my social work roots, while capturing the richness of the human experience.

My photos are poetic and show images of human beings in a vulnerable yet strong way. The love I have for film is not solely based on the tangible textures and grains, but in the reality of shooting individuals who have different backgrounds, and expressions and using a medium of photography that is just as unpredictable as people are."


ARTE: Women on the Walls

LAKWENA makes her Miami debut at Art Basel!  She is working on a huge wall mural as we speak in the Wynwood Arts District.  Jeffrey Deitch curated the group exhibition of women street arists.  We hope you can join us in Miami to see Lakwena's amazing wall and new works in the pop up gallery! 

December 3 - 8, 2013 in the Wynwood Arts District.

The logo for the Women on the Walls group show, designed by Lakwena


ARTE: Andy Robert

Andy Robert:

2010 drawing of a farmer in Rwanda“Conceptually, I’m interested in narrative structures, chance, and notions of gaming as system; particularly for the ability to influence, alter, and frame perceptions --ways of viewing, experiencing and engaging with art and the world.  Drawing from the Constructivists’ notion of gestalt --to alter and shift the perception of space through the use of everyday materials in art, and postmodern sensibilities; my practice, multi-disciplinary and predominately research based, incorporating both text and image, and invested in arts’ critical capacity.  Acknowledging the body as a point, not alone or at center but social --of many points orbiting, pushing and pulling, conversing and relaying, I seek to question our boundaries, our space/time and our humanity as either a common, mutable and/or a fabrication.

And in working in the assemblage tradition and critically with archives, its’ interesting what happens to things when they come in to proximity and/or collide.”

The Bindery Projects: “4 Fragments," Minneapolis, Minnesota


ARTE: Nzuji de Magalhaes

Meeting Nzuji for the first time is quite the fun experience. She is warm, very friendly and is eager & excited to speak about her work.  I caught up with her at her show at LA Artcore Brewery where she has a few paintings and a video installation on view now.  But I fell in love with her work at the Made in LA show at the Hammer last year.

Nzuji is from Angola and is a painter, sculptor and composer.  She recently won the commission of doing a permanent public art install at the soon to open Bundy train stop on the Expo metro line!

Her installation of piano cities at the Hammer Museum


ARTE: Andrea Chung

Andrea's artist statement:

My work examines cultures created under the influence of colonial and post-colonial regimes and their relationship to The Land. I mine foodstuffs, recipes and archival materials such as photographs and tourist publications, in order to reconstruct and create a new series of narratives, which I juxtapose against the stories told by the colony to sell romantic notions about nature and labor.

Through sculpture and painting I use food items and recipes to explore migration patterns, both voluntary and involuntary, and how cultures have been created through the influence of multiple mother cultures and the conditions of The Land. By manipulating photographs and tourism imagery, I investigate how The Land has been sold through picturesque fantasy and fantastic copy.

I ask the viewer to question the “real,” the seen and unseen in order to navigate these conflicting narratives.

Bato Disik, 2012 made of sugarSink & Swim, 2013 made of sugar and wire


From "Thongs: experience the luxury included" series 2010


Come back to Jamaica, video animation 2009


ARTE: Zeal Harris

LA based artist Zeal Harris has some very interesting series in the works, the most exciting of all is a graphic novel she recently started!

Zeal's artist statement:

When we humans experience aesthetic pleasure, we experience joy, and joy is the ecstasy of living. When humans do an activity that creates aesthetic pleasure, I understand this process and its outcomes to be art. My art is making painting, cooking, growing plants, nurturing relationships, and exchanging jokes and stories with people that I adore. This artistic statement begins in an autobiographical and self-ethnographical kind of way. I find it extremely difficult to separate my life from my art. In fact, as evidenced by my paintings, my life is my art.

The series below is titled "Nice Legs"



ARTE: Derek Fordjour

Derek Fordjour is a first generation Ghanian American who grew up in Memphis.  He now lives and works in Harlem and is creating some very interesting works.

Artist Bio:

Derek Fordjour is an artist working in variety of media, primarily drawing, painting  and printmaking. He studied at Pratt Institute and the Art Student’s League in New York City. He is a graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia, earned a Master’s Degree in Art Education from Harvard University and is currently pursuing an MFA in painting at Hunter College. His work is in several collections throughout the US.



ARTE: Nnadi by Nature

My latest online obsession is Vogue fashion writer Chioma Nnadi's new column where she blogs about her love for fashion and her curiosity of where fashion intersects with art, music and film.  Her first post about the fashion label Etudes has us feeling blue!

Left to right: Etudes shirt, pants and hat. Commissioned artwork by Pia Howell for the collection.


ARTE: Hearts Challenger Pop Art Truck

I've been enjoying some amazing weather in NY for the past 2 weeks so there are lots of blog updates I need to catch up on.  The most exciting thing I encountered on my trip was the HeartsRevolution duo and there dynamic swaroski crystal ice cream truck!  The same crystals that Michael Jackson used for his stage and performance costumes (think the epic MJ glove!) Lo the wicked street artist and brainchild behind the truck greets you inside as she pushes the eclectic mix of things they have for sale.


ARTE: Mother of George

This film comes out in LA tomorrow. The trailer is beautiful and some of our favorites worked on the film, Bradford Young is the DP, Mobalji Dawodu was the costume designer and Andrew Dosunmu helms the director role! Check it out.


Adenike and Ayodele (The Walking Dead's Danai Guira and veteran actor Isaach De Bankole) are a Nigerian couple living in Brooklyn.  Following the joyous celebration of their wedding, complications arise our of their inability to conceive a child - a problem that devastates their family and defies cultural expectations, leading Adenike to make a shocking decision that could either save her family or destroy it.  Acclaimed director Andrew Dosumnu (Restless City) captures the nuances of this unique and fascinating culture by creating a beautiful, vibrant and moving portrait of a couple whose joys and struggles are at once intimate and universal.

The films website has all the details about show times and theaters.


ARTE: ADL Art Auction

Last night I attended the art auction for the Anti Defamation League LA at the home of Jeanne and Tony Pritzker.  The host was Eli Broad and there were tons of awesome pieces up for grabs!  Kehinde Wiley, Gary Baseman and Kenturah Davis were just a few of the talents involved.  Kenturah made a drawing for the occasion.  A portrait of Alpha Robertson, the mother of Carole Robertson the 14 year old girl that was killed in the 1963 church bombing.  Read the article published in the Jewish Journal which features a quote from Kenturah about her art practice.


ARTE: Silkscreen How To

Love this from the Bruces!



Tatyana Fazlalizadeh is an artist we have worked with in the past and have featured many times on ARTE: Her project Stop Telling Women To Smile is kick starting!  Check it out and pledge to get some really rad things :-)



ARTE: Metamorphose x AD Interieurs x Paris 2013

The trip to Paris was for the opening of Metamorphose which is sponsored by Architectural Digest France.  It launchs design week in Paris and honors the top 10-15 architects and designers in Europe you should be working with.

Elliott Barnes is one of the designers picked for the top honor! He along with the others were invited to design a room in a classic old Parisian mansion.  Elliott commissioned 5 hand written drawings from Kenturah to display in his "Le Salon de Compagnie"  The exhibition is on view September 7 - 22, 2013 at 47 quai de la Tournelle 75005 Paris

more photos from the opening HERE

Kenturah sharing a moment with Padma Lakshmi

Kenturah's commissioned drawings



A view of the room Elliott Barnes designedElliott Barnes being interviewed

Other really cool things in the mansion!

Living furniture! Bird chair by designer Hubert de MalherbeRoom designed by Ramy Fischler, the light wall changes colorsinflatable sofa design by Hubert de Malherbe