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ARTE: Kentrifican Museum debuts at P.I.A. Projects

Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle will debut her Kentrifican Museum project next month at our downtown space P.I.A. Projects.  Our original home (Papillion Institute of Art) is being relaunched and reopened to the public next month as a project space.  P.I.A. Projects will invite an artist to come and activate the 1200sq ft store front space with a new or continued idea that can be developed, executed and/or completed with in a year.

Hinkle's expansive and long term Kentrifica Project and the diaspoiric Kentrifican Museum of Culture will take up residence.  The Kentrifica Project is based upon the continent of her ancestral origins that has a melange of cultures and influences, including a close connection to her familial lineage in Kentucky and parts of West Africa.  The project is a meditation on what can and cannot be mapped when dealing with constructions of cultural identity and belonging.  It is a project that blurs ficition and reality in which the artist presents lectures, curates exhibitions, and performs.  She will use the storefront as an open workspace in which visitors can see behind the scenes re-creation of Kentrifican artifacts and research.  Visitors can also collaborate and add to the ever evolving archive of Kentrifican knowledge via participation in events and workshops that will be held periodically in the space.

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