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ARTE: Kenturah's Artist Talk

Here is the live recorded video of Kenturah's art talk that took place during Leimert Park Artwalk on Sunday.  Shawanna Davis is the moderator.


ARTE: Chenoa Maxwell #BBP

"I’m a voyeur.  I like to watch. Or rather, I love to observe. Take in and capture the human experience- moments. Beauty, pain, their complex nature, evokes in me a desire to capture life~ 

Making my subjects their own icon. Life fascinates me. Humans inspire. Seeing is my meditation"

Chenoa Maxwell - papillionart.org/chenoa-maxwell


ARTE: Kenturah Davis #BBP

The piece directly below, "mother mother" represents two generations of women in the artists family.  Kenturah's drawing technique is quite remarkable.  For the works below Kenturah creates a grid she than stamps a letter in each box and those letters by her design are used to create the image.  In the case for "mother mother" each stamped drawing was made using the "word mother".

"mother mother" diptych stamped drawing on paper, 2008 - SOLD

"Self Portrait" stamped drawing on paper, 2010 on view and for sale in the gallery


ARTE: Be Beautiful Project video recap

Love all the beautiful people that turned out and are posting things like this! Not sure who made it but THANK U to kingjaythree