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When we first opened we had a Conscious Wellness POP SHOP that we ran...we no longer do the POP SHOP in the capacity that we once did but we do want to get back to promoting some of those values.  We already blog about good art, good music and good film which all contribute to a good life so we're going to incorporate good food to balance it out.

PS were in LA and to us this is the home of the original foodie!

Up first is the super amazing Bernando LaPallo he is 110 years of age and a vegetarian food chef who trained in culinary arts at The Sorbonne in Paris graduating in 1928.  We once heard this published author say in an interview he remembers when the airplane, tv and telephone were invented...and now he maintains a website, facebook and blog that he posts to regularly...talk about an evolution.

He sometimes does these instructional videos about his favorite dishes and we couldn't wait to try the Barley Soup after seeing it.

full recipe here