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One of the saving graces of Los Angeles life is an independent radio station out of Santa Monica called KCRW! Working in the arts and creating a space for art and culture I realize how important it is to deliver something you think is important, noteworthy or just awesome without watering it down due to corporate censorship.  This radio station is funded in large by the people who listen every day (like me!)  They have been doing a pledge drive over the last two weeks and today is the last day to pledge and become a member during the drive and get some really fantastic giveaways.

Go here and become a member online kcrw.com of if you live in LA tune in at 89.9FM and listen to what you can win and how you can join.  If you don't make it today no sweats, I think you can join anytime through the website. 

Poster artwork created by Brian Michael Gossett at The Art of Doing Something