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So happy about my new curated art series at Soho House West Hollywood called ART IN 30.  Once a month I sit down with an artist, art collective or curator who is helping to push the LA art scene forward.  Last month I was thrilled to chat with FriendsWithYou who shared in depth that at the core of their practice is love, spirtuality, happiness and the pure intent on being "friends with you"

This month we had Hugo McCloud who recently took a studio in the city after screening the collaborative short film directed and scored by music maker Melo-X (its really really good) Hugo shared that his work is an investigation of other cultures by absorbing the culture through the process in which he makes things.  Next up in the series is Njideka Akunyili Crosby      




Artist and designer Hugo McCloud has some very impressive skills.  His creations are made from tangible items mostly consisting of natural elements...metal, rust, earth etc.  We once heard him say,

"I just love the contrast between the refined and the unrefined of materials. and my real focus in design, no matter what it is is to find beauty in the things overlooked. i believe real beauty is in the imperfections."