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ARTE: Music: Johnny Polygon x P.I.A.

Found this floating around on YouTube.  A guest recorded it at our grand opening!  We Love It and Johnny.

My music video for "the riot song" will make it's television debut wed july 28th on mtv2!!!

It doesn't come on til ass early in the morning (tivo status lol) but will replay the following weeks during daytime hours. If enough people make enough noise it'll be put into rotation & possibly picked up by some other networks. Who knows what could happen after that? Not me, I never done this before. lol

To think about all the shit I bee
n through to get here with my integrity still in tact is overwhelming. Moving from tulsa to los angeles in '04 with $297 & a dream, hustlin leggo my ego on hollywood blvd & venice beach, playin empty shows, gettin kicked out my crib, couch surfing, seemingly endless rejection & mistakes, heart break, gettin my first deal, movin to new york, ragin with nas, gettin shelved, gettin dropped, back to square one, being better off anyway, and now my solo 150% independent mtv debut!

... long way from oklahoma. This kind of shit only happens when u REFUSE to let it not.

muh fuggin bong,

ps. if it wasn't for u guys supporting and spreading my music this would NOT be happening so thank u all very very much!!