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ARTE: Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow has a kickstarter that began a month ago and I was one of the early contributors that pledged with in the first 24 hours.  When the campaign launched the goal to reach was 1 million.  After the campaign went live they surpassed the million dollar mark in just a few hours. By day 2 they had surpassed the 2 mill mark and by day 3 they surpassed the 3 mill mark.  The raised their goal to 5 million and are just half a million shy. At just over 91,000 backers it is the largest crowd sourced campaign in history.  I gave because Reading Rainbow was one of the television shows that I was most excited by when I was a child.  The way they used art, music, dance and theater to make reading seem cool are one of the main reasons why I love reading and the arts!

They have a little under 47 hours left so get to it!



ARTE: This Week In Art

Spike Lee and Marina Ambramovic launch kickstarters (separately), both are worthy of supporting!

Marina is forming her own institute for the creation and advancement of long durational work.

Spike is making a new Spike Lee joint!

Picasso Baby debuts...Jay Z's 6 hour "performance art" piece (or music video) shot at PACE in NY last month.

And finally Lady Gaga announces new album titled "ART POP"