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LA TIMES gets it right on this one…we were at #OCCUPYLA facilitating art classes with the youth down there, we were located right next to the Wish Tree where anyone can right down there wishes and hang them around the trunk. A large percentage of the teenagers that stopped by wished there was no violence in there community.

Other things that are worth mentioning are the People’s University (where class was in session when I dropped in), the Library, Meditation and Free Yoga, the Theatre Co., Kids Village, the free solar powered wifi tower and a plethora of other creative things springing up by the minute.



YES OLEK…Occupy Wall Street has been continuing to stay in the headlines and put NYC back on the map.  A very special artist using crocheting has been making her own #OccupyNY statements.  Her crocheted bull perfectly compliments the protest.  Her name is Agata Olek, she is from Poland and her art studio is in lower Manhattan.  She has and will crochet anything from a car to a person and recently sent a photo to her facebook of a ping pong table in London…maybe the UK will be seeing interesting things popping up soon.