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I had the pleasure of meeting Noah back in 2008.  He was already one of the best painters I had ever come across even back then.  He loved painting...I mean he really loved painting.  When I started my company in 2010 he was one of the early supporters.  Later he would create the Underground Museum.  He lived in the moment.  He cared deeply about community and artists.  He had a vision that was inclusive and meaningful.  I always believed and still do that he will be remembered as one of the greatest painters of our generation.  He shifted culture and moved it forward and for that we are all better because he was here. Our friend, Noah Davis.

Currently Noah Davis has a show on view at MOCA, "Imatation of Wealth"

Pueblo del Rio: Stain Glass Pants


ARTE: Printed Matter LA Art Book Fair Recap

Picked up some goodies at the Geffen's Printed Matter LA Art Book Fair! It was a fun time and they had the best food trucks out front...finally got to indulge in a sweet treat from Coolhaus LA (the first food truck inspired by amazing design and architecture and ice cream!)  The weekend was a total success!








ARTE: Barry McGee x Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair + Cadillac + MOCA LA got together to present ART IN THE STREETS: Brooklyn Style! SF native and street artist Barry McGee debuts an amazing, huge mural across the street from BAM.  They had the social media savvy photo booth in full effect at the party and everyone took advantage of it ;-)

MJPArtist Barry McGee & crewBarry's mural across the street from BAMSculptor Julie Schenkelberg & Larry Ossei-MensahAnt Demby & Singer Jenna AndrewsEVIAIR


ARTE: Street Art x Los Angeles Pt 2

We visited the Graff Lab this weekend, there were some artists working the walls when we arrived.  If you don't know or haven't visited the Graff Lab than it is a hub for any and every street artist, many travel from all points of the globe to come and work the walls.  Its like an urban amusement park for the graffiti scene.  Its also very connected to its surrounding community and they were having a Thrill-a-thon as we were leaving.

While were on the subject of Street Art we'd also like to acknowledge the LA Times piece on MOCA LA announcing a major Street Art Retrospective at Geffen Contemporary in 2011.  LA artist Mister Cartoon's Ice Cream truck shown below will be included in the exhibition.


ARTE: Dennis Hopper @ MOCA

It is rare for a multi-talented, multi disciplined artist to be sophisticated in all mediums.  Dennis Hopper proves that as an artist if you submit to being the student you can master the arts.  Who cares if the art world gets the memo late, his exhibit at MOCA proves that they have FINALLY gotten it and him. Its up until 9/26/10 so peep it.