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ARTE: Street Art x Los Angeles Pt 2

We visited the Graff Lab this weekend, there were some artists working the walls when we arrived.  If you don't know or haven't visited the Graff Lab than it is a hub for any and every street artist, many travel from all points of the globe to come and work the walls.  Its like an urban amusement park for the graffiti scene.  Its also very connected to its surrounding community and they were having a Thrill-a-thon as we were leaving.

While were on the subject of Street Art we'd also like to acknowledge the LA Times piece on MOCA LA announcing a major Street Art Retrospective at Geffen Contemporary in 2011.  LA artist Mister Cartoon's Ice Cream truck shown below will be included in the exhibition.


ARTE: Street Art x Los Angeles

La Brea & Adams