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ARTE: Gerhard Richter Painting - Film





If you are in London be sure to catch the film on painter Gerhard Richcter titled "Gerhard Richter Painting" by director Corinna Belz.  

It will be shown a few times over the next month at the Tate Modern

From the trailer alone it looks amazing, we would not miss a chance to see the full documentary.  Was also really cool to see him working in his studio alone, without 20 assistants in there painting for him. #oldschool

The film is being screened in conjunction with his solo show Panorama which opens at Tate Modern October 6 and runs for a few months.



ARTE: Twitter Files Pt 3: Dexter Dalwood x TATE

The Tate tweeted this photo

"Straight from the studio...Dexter Dalwood's White Flag 2010"