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ARTE: Twitter Files PT 6 - @HuffPostLA #LARIOTS

Pretty much the story goes as you see it below! Last night at the Grammy Museum Huffington Post LA tweeted the remarks of a panel discussing the LA RIOTS 20 years later.  This all went down on the same night that Trayvon Martins family was in LA at the West Angeles Church along with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Stevie Wonder and hundreds of others as a rally was held.

*You might remember last year we hosted Thurzday album/documentary debut. It was the T R S H (The Riot Starts Here) experience which was a concept project chronicling the events that led up to the LA RIOTS.  The album and documentary speak with people who were involved in and witnessed first hand all of the things that were bubbling around the time that led to the Rodney King beating and later the LA RIOTS. 

and my final tweet in reply was "   glad you were tweeting tonight! Communication is key & has to stay open "


ARTE: Twitter Files PT 4 Biggie x Barron x JuJu x Nomas

jujugold and nomastomas at the opening of "Do You hear Us" pose in front of Barron Caliborne's Biggie & Guns photo.


ARTE: Twitter Files Pt 3: Dexter Dalwood x TATE

The Tate tweeted this photo

"Straight from the studio...Dexter Dalwood's White Flag 2010"


ARTE: Twitter Files Pt 2: Kanye West

Kanye West has joined Twitterverse

"I wake up everyday and say - I'm trying my best to stay out my own way"

The painting is a portrait of the music artist by George Condo


ARTE: Twitter Files Pt I


June 4 - "They left the louvre open for me to record a song i wrote "smile mona lisa"...1st time ever, (cont'd) Nobody has ever recorded a song at the louvre. just finished 2:30am "smile mona lisa" is the song. 1st time anyone recorded next to her"


June 4 - "Much love to all my students at my charter school in the BX they worked there buts off congrats #ULTRA"